About Us

Living out the Gospel of Christ is what we are about.

Myanmar is the place.

We partner with local believers to develop Biblical resources for use within the church, and for evangelism to the many diverse people groups within Myanmar. Our latest big project has been producing The Jesus Storybook Bible in the Burmese language. We are passionate about seeing the news of Jesus made accessible to all people, across racial, political, and socioeconomic divides. To that end, we live and raise our children in the midst of a diverse local community, sharing our lives and our hope with our neighbors at every opportunity.

You can follow along with our journey at our blog. Or follow our life in photos via Breanna’s instagram account.

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I’ve lived in Myanmar since 2006. I’ve learned new languages, cultural norms, and that nothing can stop the Gospel. Jesus is relentless in his pursuit of us.

I grew up in the big city (Seattle), then the sticks (Chehalis) and studied Computer stuff in Bellingham.

After graduation, I got hooked up with some wild-eyed folks who shipped me off to Myanmar for the sake of the Gospel. After a few years, I realized that discipleship isn’t a two-year project and time is required to teach others what it means to follow Jesus and be lead by his spirit.

After more than a few lonely years, a fated church potluck brought a little dutch girl into my life. It’s much better now.


I was raised in a small farming community in northwest Washington state. I grew up tromping through cow pastures and forests, and had a particular penchant for pretending to be an Oregon Trail pioneer.

I met Jim when I was 15 and he was 22; it wasn’t love at first sight. We forgot about each other until seven years later, and then the rest was history.

I was not so keen on Myanmar when I first visited. Now, I love it dearly, and I am grateful to get to live here.

I am a fan of good food, which works out well, because Myanmar culture is all about food, too. When I get the time, I share Myanmar recipes at my other blog,  Pickled Tea Leaves.)