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Elisabeth’s Arrival

Posted on 20 Aug 2017 in Compositions, Motherhood, Photos, Reflections | 7 comments

Elisabeth’s Birth Story I only had time for one pre-natal appointment with my Chiang Mai OB before giving birth to Elise. At the appointment my doctor echoed the words of my Myanmar OB and mentioned that I was measuring small and that the baby seemed small. I wasn’t overly concerned, as they said the same […]

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International Women’s Day: A Defense and a Lament

Posted on 08 Mar 2017 in Compositions, Development, Life Overseas, Reflections | 5 comments

When my daughter was born, the medical staff asked what name to write down. Without looking at one another, my husband and I both replied, “Magdalena.” We had another name in mind too, but as soon as we saw her face, we knew we wanted her to carry the story of a woman loved by […]

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Myanmar Cultural Tidbits: A Few Folkways

Posted on 04 Jun 2016 in Life Overseas | 5 comments

I want to share a fun list of some cultural attributes of Myanmar. These things have become comfortable and enjoyable for us, but in returning for a visit to the U.S., I see again how these cultural folkways might seem surprising or amusing to some westerners. (What’s a folkway, you ask? Good question. Folkways are […]

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As We Tell Stories

Posted on 15 Nov 2014 in Compositions | 5 comments

 To Jim, on the week marking your 32nd birthday and the two-year anniversary of our engagement. In your first note to me, you asked, “have you slipped the surly bonds of America?” Which really meant, “tell me a story.” (I had no grand travel story to share, but I still replied courteously, since you were […]

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“Is It Safe?”

Posted on 14 Oct 2014 in Life Overseas, Missions | 4 comments

Safety—or should I say, the lack thereof—is a really popular discussion topic. It fuels the evening news, insurance company stock holdings, and in my case, conversations about our future life overseas. When someone asks me, “Is it safe?” or “How dangerous is it there?” the question tends to emerge from one of two trains of […]

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