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Elisabeth’s Arrival

Posted on 20 Aug 2017 in Compositions, Motherhood, Photos, Reflections | 7 comments

Elisabeth’s Birth Story I only had time for one pre-natal appointment with my Chiang Mai OB before giving birth to Elise. At the appointment my doctor echoed the words of my Myanmar OB and mentioned that I was measuring small and that the baby seemed small. I wasn’t overly concerned, as they said the same […]

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Photo Journal – Autumn 2015

Posted on 15 Nov 2015 in Life Overseas, Photos | 2 comments

This fall has been a little more hectic than we anticipated! In between all the trips to medical clinics and hospitals for Breanna’s health, we still have had a great fall, and we were able to document it (thanks in part to Jim’s dad)! This is where you go when you want to buy LOTS […]

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The Advent of Magdalena Lily

Posted on 08 Sep 2015 in Compositions, Motherhood, Photos, Reflections | 14 comments

 photo credit: John Shaw Last August, Jim and I went hiking in eastern Washington, on a route through a stunning area called the Enchantment Lakes. (It is breathtaking—just take a look here.) Due to the popularity of this particular hiking route, you had to either obtain an overnight pass to hike the Enchantments over a […]

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As We Tell Stories

Posted on 15 Nov 2014 in Compositions | 5 comments

 To Jim, on the week marking your 32nd birthday and the two-year anniversary of our engagement. In your first note to me, you asked, “have you slipped the surly bonds of America?” Which really meant, “tell me a story.” (I had no grand travel story to share, but I still replied courteously, since you were […]

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