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The Advent of Magdalena Lily

Posted on 08 Sep 2015 in Compositions, Motherhood, Photos, Reflections | 14 comments

 photo credit: John Shaw Last August, Jim and I went hiking in eastern Washington, on a route through a stunning area called the Enchantment Lakes. (It is breathtaking—just take a look here.) Due to the popularity of this particular hiking route, you had to either obtain an overnight pass to hike the Enchantments over a […]

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A Blossom in Hand

Posted on 31 Jul 2015 in Compositions, Motherhood | 8 comments

31 July 2015 Dear little baby, You’ve been in utero over 37 weeks now. Two nights ago, I started to experience some unusual muscle twinges, as if my body was going through a quick dress rehearsal—or perhaps a cold reading is more accurate, as it was so mild—for the upcoming task of ushering you into […]

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As We Tell Stories

Posted on 15 Nov 2014 in Compositions | 5 comments

 To Jim, on the week marking your 32nd birthday and the two-year anniversary of our engagement. In your first note to me, you asked, “have you slipped the surly bonds of America?” Which really meant, “tell me a story.” (I had no grand travel story to share, but I still replied courteously, since you were […]

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A Photo Tour

Posted on 24 Jun 2014 in Compositions, Life Overseas, Photos | 3 comments

We thought we’d share some of Jim’s photos during his earlier years in the Golden Country. Enjoy! Yangon, 2006   Fishing Village, May 2006. The rolls resting in the fishing boat are made of bamboo, and are likely going to be brought downriver to be sold in Sittwe.   Mrauk U, 2006. Women going home […]

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you, coming

Posted on 26 Mar 2014 in Compositions | 3 comments

I was six that day just a few years ago, when the sun shone. You came that day, and I don’t think it stopped being sunny ever since. I don’t think I quite realized it was you, when you were coming. The first mention of you that I can recall is Dad trying to get […]

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