Kidney Replacement for Mr. Handsome

Than Nai with his two daughters in front of our house in Yangon

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$28120 Raised for surgery as of Jan 11th 2021

Update — Dec 14th 2020

A friend has just committed to doing a matching gift up to $20,000. All gifts from here on out will be doubled in value.

Update — Dec 3rd 2020

My good friend Than Nai has been living on dialysis since his kidneys failed in July. Yangon has had a significant Covid 19 outbreak in recent months and we are very thankful that he has not gotten it, despite having to visit the hospital regularly for dialysis.

He is feeling about as well as someone undergoing dialysis during a pandemic can. His wife San Shay has had a healthy baby boy whom they have named Adam. They have been staying in our house in Yangon. His medical costs have been running at around 2000 USD per month and given his young age (38) it makes a lot of financial sense to pursue kidney replacement surgery. To this end, we are seeking to raise 30,000 USD for him to receive kidney replacement surgery. There are a number of private hospitals in Yangon which can provide the surgery, and Than Nai’s older sister has already volunteered to give him a kidney.

As of Dec 3rd, we have received $8385 in funds that have gone a long way to pay for Than Nai’s dialysis. We will be personally supporting his dialysis while we raise funds, so the amount needed for the transplant isn’t consumed by his dialysis costs while we pursue funding. That is to say, any funds donated from here on out will go to paying for the transplant.

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