Healthcare for Mr. Handsome

Mr. Handsome having tea with our girls

Update — October 9th 2020

Than Nai’s dialysis has been going pretty well. He had a successful test run of the fistula in his arm, but there were some complications with the second run and he developed a fever after too much pressure was applied to the injection site. He has mostly recovered from that and dialysis is continuing. Yangon is under Covid lockdown, but he has special permission to travel to the hospital regularly for dialysis because of his medical condition. We have been researching options for Kidney transplant surgery in Yangon and it looks to cost something like $30,000 USD. He has several close relatives that are willing to give him a kidney. We are trying to raise more funds for his continuing dialysis as well as for a transplant. Covid has done a lot of damage to the medical system, so we don’t know when a transplant would be possible. Additionally, his wife is pregnant with their third child (a boy!) and she is due in November.

Your generosity and prayers are greatly appreciated

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Mr. Handsome (also called Than Nai) is one of Jim’s first friends from when he moved to Myanmar fourteen years ago. 

Than Nai has been struggling with various health issues for several years, and recently his health has taken a steep downward turn. 

He is currently hospitalized in Yangon, and has been diagnosed with kidney failure. Because of the condition of his kidneys, he will need regular dialysis in order to survive. Like most folks in Myanmar, he does not have access to health insurance to cover the cost of getting regular dialysis.

Than Nai and his wife Shan Shay have two children. They are expecting their third child in November. Than Nai is 37, the same age as Jim. The Handsomes are family to us, and we want to help them afford the healthcare that Than Nai needs.

We know many of you have followed along with and joined in our friendship with Than Nai over the years. If you’re interested in helping to meet some of the ongoing cost for Than Nai’s medical care, feel free to check out the options below, or contact us if you have any more questions.

Rough estimates for monthly costs for Than Nai’s healthcare

The two options we’re aware of at this point:

Dialysis at a regular Yangon hospital 

$600 USD/month

Dialysis at a subsidized Yangon clinic for low-income families (he would need to apply, but the chances are good he would qualify)

$250 USD/month

Because Than Nai is so young, a kidney transplant would be a preferable course of action, and it’s something that we are exploring as a possibility.