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Life among the pagodas


Relating to Home: Perspectives from Abroad (pt. 1)


Posted on 06 Dec 2016 in Life Overseas, Missions, Photos | 4 comments

I don’t know anyone working overseas who does not at times feel terribly caught between worlds. This tension is constant for most of us, and it is often heightened by our experiences in returning home, or our attempts to share our life with those in our passport countries. There is typically little or no opportunity […]

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Our First Visit to Shan State: Inle Lake


Posted on 21 Nov 2016 in Life Overseas, Photos | 4 comments

Up until this year, we hadn’t really traveled much throughout Myanmar. Other than living in Yangon and Jim’s time living in Rakhine state, most backpackers have seen more of Myanmar than we have. So when a friend from the US made plans to visit us, we thought it would be a perfect excuse to see some more of […]

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Assimilate or Go Home | Book Recommendation


Posted on 13 Oct 2016 in Development, Life Overseas, Missions | 2 comments

  “I had found people as different from me as the night is from the day. What I didn’t know then was that the seeds of my own blindness were orchestrating my thoughts. For, of course, in viewing our differences, I thought I was the sun and they were the darkness.” – from Assimilate or […]

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To Lena: All you have to do is be my daughter (Or, My child is not a missionary)


Posted on 04 Oct 2016 in Compositions, Life Overseas, Motherhood | 9 comments

To Lena, as you grow up You get to be our child, and that is all you have to be. Yes, your childhood is set to be quite different from that of your North American peers, your challenges different. When well meaning people say things about being a “little missionary,” don’t take it to your […]

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Myanmar Cultural Tidbits: A Few Folkways


Posted on 04 Jun 2016 in Life Overseas | 5 comments

I want to share a fun list of some cultural attributes of Myanmar. These things have become comfortable and enjoyable for us, but in returning for a visit to the U.S., I see again how these cultural folkways might seem surprising or amusing to some westerners. (What’s a folkway, you ask? Good question. Folkways are […]

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Unfamiliar Soil: A window into cross-cultural work

Burma 15

Posted on 24 May 2016 in Development, Life Overseas | 2 comments

This is an essay about working cross-culturally, particularly church planting, and why it is not a short term project. [To note: Frankly, I dislike the term ”church planter” almost as much as I dislike the terms “missionary,” and “missional,” and I wish I didn’t have to use it at all. “Church planting” feels like a marketing […]

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